About Us


When London based South African rugby player Paul Barker lost his leg due to a rugby related accident combined with a rare form of cancer, the amazing Murderballrugby.com (MBR) tournament 2014 at St Mary’s university and Murder Ball dinner and Dance hosted by John Inverdale, with guest speakers Jo Marler and Chris Robshaw & singer soprano Laura Wright, in order to raise money for Paul, was born. The event was continued in 2015 to carry on as a fundraiser for wheelchair rugby and will continue to do so the more events we deliver.

MBR's charity events are purely to raise money for wheelchair rugby clubs who do not get governemnt funding to run, are run by volunteers and have to fundraise for themselves.  Wheelchair rugby is an expensive sport to play for individuals - rugby chairs cost £3,000 upwards, gloves cost £15 a pair upwards, tyres, inner tubes, maintenaince, petrol costs to get to training , sports all costs for training, volunteer expenses, competition travel and accommodation costs, entry fees - it all mounts up!!

The costs get put onto the players quite regularly and many are on very low incomes like Disability Living Allowance and Personal independence Payments - MBR aims to raise money and awareness of this amazing life changing sport and benefit its players - like Daniel Wade in our promotional video on the home page.

MBR is primarily run by James Price - Leicester Tigers Wheelchair Rugby player / captain, former Great Britain player (2006 world champs) and volunteer development Director for the sport from 2005-2009.

The dinner event is also helped out by Hugh McHardy of hugevents to assist in delivering a fun, purposeful and well attended charity dinners.

Our People:

James Price speaking at St James Palace at Paralympic fundraiser with HRH Prince Edward.